Residential and commercial facilities

Our team of professionals is well versed in conducting security assessments for residential and commercial facilities in both foreign and domestic environments. In addition, we perform country security assessments for businesses operating internationally. We cover a wide range of issues from past or potential threats such as criminal activity, terrorist, geo-political, and emergency preparedness planning.

Oil and gas sites and manufacturing locations, office and business buildings, sports stadiums and even nuclear facilities have been assessed by our professionals.

Comprehensive evaluation of the situation within the countries concerned, including geo-political, financial and economic aspects while examining possible terrorist activity, crime state, logistics and infrastructure, plus the capabilities of emergency services will form the basis of our initial assessment. Intelligence and analysis will reveal relevant threat and vulnerabilities.

Personal and residential assessments form an important part of our services. Physical security and access control of residential property will be examined in detail. For personal security the individual’s profile, daily routine, occupation, place of work, residence and travel schedules will all be analyzed in depth for potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Merletti Gonzales will undertake Gap analysis of the client’s existing operations, review previous assessments and determine if any gaps exist in their operational planning. From that data and a new assessment, recommendations would be made for enhancement.

Geopolitical risks, geological risks, criminal activity, terrorist activity, threats to persons, residences and communities require professional risk assessment security personnel with training and experience. This list is not exhaustive, and expertise is required in addressing risks beyond these issues, including risks to facilities ranging from small businesses to large corporations and industries.

Risk Assessments

Surveying your workplace, business or operations is not enough to determine risk assessments. The Department of Homeland Security explains that there are “Many possible scenarios that could potentially unfold…” Reducing the risks to individual residents, employees, corporations, facilities and operations requires the expertise of security training programs that provide a comprehensive assessment. This includes review of any existing risk assessment, determination if any gaps exist in existing assessment and operational planning, updating current risk assessments and providing recommendations for enhancement of the organization’s risk assessment plan.

Geopolitical risks affect far more than the large global enterprise. Government policy changes and global events potentially affect businesses of all sizes, educational institutions, financial institutions and airlines. Failing to comprehend the potential risk from events or activities posing potential risks and dangers possibly spells disaster for some industries and businesses.

Geopolitical Futures reveals that events occurring overseas, including criminal and terrorist activities, have the potential to destroy infrastructure, resulting in possible difficulties getting oil to market. This affects far more than the oil industry in the United States.

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