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Merletti Gonzales offers a wide range of consulting for your corporate security needs. We can augment your security department or company to develop plans and procedures to enhance the safety and security of your business, its employees and its clients. From entire facility security planning, crisis management, assessments, intelligence briefings, executive protection to investigations and training we can cover all of your corporate security needs.

Working closely with your security department and leadership, we can provide and assist in implementing our recommendations based on our assessment of your current security operations.  From a physical and technical security standpoint, we will target potential vulnerabilities and provide specific counsel to improve the security of your operation.

As part of our assessment, we will review standard operating procedures and response plans to determine any gaps that may exist. We will evaluate the badging, identification and access control process for employees, visitors and vendors, and examine the various layers of security to include guard force, physical and technical security measures. Our subject matter experts will advise on the appropriate level of security that’s needed for your corporation.  Intelligence gathering and analysis of the crime and threats in your area or industry will contribute towards a comprehensive Threat and Vulnerabilities Assessment.

MG will aid in creating a tailored crisis management plan that will help prevent or mitigate loss in the event of an emergency. Within our crisis management plans we will establish contact and collaborate with local law enforcement and emergency services to ensure cohesive strategies are achieved. Beyond providing you with a crisis management plan, we are prepared to deliver in-depth training to those who will be part of the crisis management team. During our training we perform simulation drills, assess responses, and help your team improve upon effective communication and protocols.

Our services extend to executive protection for corporate VIPs during business travel or corporate events, or for personal and family protection. MG has a top-notch group of associates that are certified and highly experienced in executive protection, most of whom worked for the U.S. Secret Service, law enforcement and military.

Because our associates live and work all over the world, it allows for us to easily respond in a moment’s notice. Plus, we offer continued support in different languages and cultures. Furthermore, this enables MG the advantage of having legitimate intelligence gathering and reliable support with local security counterparts, law enforcement and government officials with whom we have established relationships.

Merletti Gonzales is determined to deliver a cost-effective package based on recommended security measures and services that provide the most value to the security of your corporation.

Merletti Gonzales & Associates
International Security Consultants LLC 
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