Protecting large entertainment venues & clients

Protecting large entertainment venues and clients in attendance can be challenging in today’s society with many potential active threats. From event security planning and crisis management to executive protection, MG is well versed to handle all the necessary advance preparations, planning and implementation of the day’s events.

MG has an experienced group of associates that have a wealth of expertise in all areas of event security. Our founders spent their careers providing protection at the highest level for The President of the United States, heads of state, and foreign dignitaries. In addition, Lewis Merletti, our co-founder, went on to join the Cleveland Brown organization after his retirement from the United States Secret Service (USSS). Merletti served as Senior Vice President in charge of security for the Brown’s organization, including the owners, players, coaches, stadium, training facility and offices. Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, Merletti was a primary driver responsible for the USSS designating that year’s Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans as a National Security Special Event.  This resulted in the USSS planning and implementing the security for the event.  At the NFL’s request, Merletti was appointed as NFL Security Advisor and developed security practices for all NFL stadiums.

Planning and coordination for an event involves a thorough amount of pre-planning, liaising with local law enforcement and security counterparts, rehearsing exercises, and developing a robust security and crisis management plan. During the planning stages we must identify the potential threats, mitigation measures and know how to respond to each. Response plans may cover incidents from an attack, fire, medical emergency, to having shelter in place and evacuation procedures.

Our team of professional associates can add value to a venue by providing additional security in the form of executive protection agents to supplement a venue’s manpower of guards and law enforcement.  Sporting, entertainment, and political venues are often times greater in size and scope, and may require additional support to cover areas adjacent to the venue for protection of patrons as they arrive and depart the location. Whatever the case, MG is here to lend the operational support required.

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