Executive Protection Detail: Assessing, Planning and Providing Close Protection

Executive Protection Detail: Assessing, Planning and Providing Close Protection

An Executive Protection Detail is a comprehensive and carefully planned security operation. It begins with advanced planning and assessing the potential threats. The goal is to ensure the safety and security of the client(s). Security threats may stem from the nature of the individual’s occupation, position, or ideology. Moreover, depending on the location and threat associated with the country, certain factors like localized threats from terrorist or criminal attacks to potential medical emergencies are all important aspects to consider when planning a trip. Heads of State, Foreign Dignitaries, Corporate Executives, Celebrities and other VIPs, are examples of high profile persons or groups that should strongly consider using Executive Protection.

Merletti Gonzales International specializes in Executive Protection both domestically and abroad. Our Executive Protection teams are comprised of experienced security professionals that include former U.S. Secret Service, FBI, State Department Diplomatic Security Service, and U.S. Military.

Merletti Gonzales International incorporates vital details in preparation for the protection of our clients:


Understanding of the client’s day-to-day activities and assess what the potential threat(s) may be are key when planning the assignment. The client’s travel, whether for business or pleasure, are analyzed for security risks and exposure. Merletti Gonzales International in fully assesses the client’s existing security posture and determines their risk and vulnerabilities.

Advance Preparations:

During the planning phase, we go through all aspects of the client’s travel. Whether at home or traveling, we assess the vehicle routes, and venues (hotels, office, residence) and take into account the logistics involved to transport the client to various meetings or venues. We take into consideration any potential threats we may encounter, travel delays, and factor in hospital routes and locations in the event of an emergency. We also speak with any staff, liaise with local law enforcement and coordinate with our security contacts as part of our operational planning. Our advance work ensures we minimize any disruptions during a trip and are prepared to handle any incident that may occur.


Merletti Gonzales International’s Security Detail thoroughly briefs their clients of any potential threats and advises how we will respond in the event of an emergency. Dependent on the threat level, the team will provide the client with any additional support needed to ensure the client is secure. We are constantly monitoring any adverse intelligence that may impact the trip and client.

We at Merletti Gonzales International can assist you with a comprehensive Risk Assessment & security coordination for your company and personal safety requirements. Whether your travel is local within the United States or abroad, our team of seasoned professionals are ready to handle your needs. Please contact us today to learn more.

Your safety and security is paramount and our priority!