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Key in averting a crisis

In today’s world, corporations often work under varying levels of risk and are surrounded by potential threats. Obtaining up-to-date intelligence is demanding but imperative in order to make a well-informed business decision.
Being knowledgeable of both current and historical events is a challenging task due to the overwhelming amount of information available in today’s fast-paced world. Merletti Gonzales can help by providing relevant intelligence briefings to our clients operating in foreign locations where there is an elevated level of risk, such as terrorist activity or political uncertainty. We aim to assist corporations by briefing them on the associated risks involved so they can operate safely and securely.

Obtaining up-to-date intelligence and analyses of current situations and potential risks is key in averting a crisis or negative impact to a corporation.  We have the capability to provide intelligence monitoring for a particular area, country or region of interest in these areas: government, politics, economy, terrorist and criminal activity, civil unrest, infrastructure, ecological events, global health, weather, and travel warnings.

Our team of associates is well versed on how political, economic and civil instability can create uncertain working conditions as well as probable threats from criminal and terrorist networks. By staying abreast on the latest incidents and analyzing the intelligence, businesses can effectively mitigate potential hazards to their operations.

Additionally, Merletti Gonzales is ready to consult with you at each step of the way concerning your security needs—from assessments and crisis management planning to security planning and training. Our goal is to help companies strike a balance between fulfilling their objectives and avoiding potential risks. Contact us today to set up a conference call to discuss your goals.

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