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As former United States Secret Service (USSS) agents, our founders began their prominent careers performing polygraph examinations and investigations as part of their USSS mission. Our team of security associates have decades of experience conducting investigations at corporate and government levels, both domestically and abroad. Coordinating due diligence background investigations on personnel and businesses, for the sake of mergers and fraudulent activity, is one way we can be of service to your business. Merletti Gonzales will draw on the skills and experience of a number of professional investigators. Our experts can cover the following tasks:

  • Employee Behavior
  • Due Diligence Inquiries
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Post Incident Analysis
01. Background Investigations

Discover information that precludes hiring an individual in a position of trust in your company, as your personal assistant, a staff member or caregiver of your children when you rely on a company with professional skills to gain the information needed in an investigation.

Conducting background information today requires more than calling a couple of acquaintances and asking them about an individual’s character. False information given on resumes and in interviews, the need for discretion and protection of assets and information requires extensive investigations into an individual’s background. Due diligence in investigating new or current employees, company activity and investigations into suppliers and other associates aids in protecting you, your company and possibly your family members.

02. Security Personnel And Company Background Investigations

The State of Texas published “Especially For Texas Employees” as a means of assisting state employees with conducting background investigations. Many companies and agencies require employers perform background investigations. The extent of that background investigation varies from one company to another, leading to potential risks and vulnerabilities if you fail to hire an experienced professional to perform an extensive investigation. The Texas book reveals the importance of complying with state and federal law when conducting investigations, another area of expertise provided in training of investigative personnel.

Investigations into activities committed or allegedly committed by current employees include suspicion of substance abuse, workplace violence, harassment, attitude issues and theft. Using due diligence in investigations often leads to preventing loss to assets or danger to family members or employees. Including details in investigations such as obtaining references and not just obtaining a criminal record aids in more informed investigation results.

Rely on professionals with expertise, training and knowledge of extensive investigations to protect yourself, your family, colleagues, assets and organization.

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