Clinton Gonzales

Chief Operating Officer


Clinton R. Gonzales currently works for Merletti Gonzales International as Chief Operating Officer, overseeing all aspects of the company’s projects and day to day business. Over the past 13 years, Mr. Gonzales has operated in numerous foreign venues such as Iraq, Yemen, Turkey, Israel, Romania, Peru, Mexico and East Africa.  While pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice, Mr. Gonzales had the opportunity to do an internship with Hunt Oil Company of Dallas, Texas, in 2005. The internship took him to Yemen where he would spend the next few years of on-the-job training learning all aspects of technical and physical security, liaison and networking, intelligence gathering, and crisis management planning. During his time in Yemen, he was a part of an extensive environmental project providing daily logistical and chain of custody support for the company, that was later used an evidence in an arbitration case. In addition to his internship, Mr. Gonzales also worked as a contractor for the U.S. Military In Iraq and Kuwait during the height of the Iraq War from 2006-2008. Mr. Gonzales was part of a force protection project at Al Asad Air Base, in Anbar Province, Iraq, and several other U.S. bases in Kuwait and East Africa. In 2009, Mr. Gonzales received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from The University of Texas at San Antonio.

Following his graduation, Mr. Gonzales joined Hunt Oil Company’s Global Security Department and would serve as an International Country Security Manager from 2009-2016. He would oversee the security operations for Iraq-Kurdistan, Yemen and Romania, as well as assist with various projects in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. As country security manager he dealt with civil uprisings and coups, liaised with coalition and host nation forces along frontlines of military conflicts, acts of terrorism, extortions, kidnappings, and investigations.

Clinton Gonzales is an accomplished security professional with a variety of corporate security experience. His leadership, team-building skills and diplomatic approach have helped him achieve success in his career.