About Us

Merletti Gonzales International (MGI) is a certified U.S. veteran-owned business. Lew Merletti and Ralph Gonzales have over 90+ years of combined experience in the United States Secret Service, military, law enforcement, and corporate security. MGI is a well seasoned, international and multifaceted company offering a range of services. We work across several industries, and in various countries worldwide. MGI has the capability and expertise to deliver customized solutions to our clients whether their needs are domestic or international.


Merletti Gonzales International (MGI) 是一家经过认证的美国退伍军人拥有的企业。 Lew Merletti 和 Ralph Gonzales 在美国特勤局、军事、执法和企业安全方面拥有合计 90 多年的综合经验。 MGI 是一家经验丰富、国际化、多元化的公司,提供一系列服务。我们在多个行业以及全球各个国家开展工作。 MGI 有能力和专业知识为我们的客户提供定制的解决方案,无论他们的需求是国内还是国际

What We Do


Oil & Gas

MGI has extensive oil and gas experience overseas establishing security for foreign offices, operations in the field and remote areas. We are qualified in designing and executing security plans for facilities, pipelines and maritime operations. Also, included are customized crisis management and security planning. Our wide-reaching network spans the globe, supporting our mission.


MGI 拥有在海外为石油和天然气领域的外国办事处、现场和偏远地区的运营建立安全方面的丰富经验。我们有资质为设施、管道和海上作业设计和执行安全计划。此外,还包括定制的危机管理和安全计划。我们广泛的网络遍布全球,支持我们的使命。

Government Contracting

Across the globe, we partner with local and foreign governments to support their needs to deliver an exceptional level of service and continued support for the success of the mission.

We offer comprehensive security planning for large scale country-wide operations, securing critical infrastructure and assets, government facilities, or providing assessments and planning for border and maritime security.



Corporate & Entertainment

Offering a wide range of services, MGI can augment your security department or provide a turn key solution. From Executive Protection for business executives and families, security planning and training for corporations to protecting large entertainment venues, we are well versed to handle the task at hand and overcome any challenges.


MGI 提供广泛的服务,可以增强您的安全部门或提供交钥匙解决方案。从企业高管和家庭的行政保护、企业的安全规划和培训到大型娱乐场所的保护,我们精通处理手头的任务并克服任何挑战。

Supply Chain Security

We acknowledge how imperative it is for corporations to secure their products and assets while protecting their brand. MGI has the capability to deliver a variety of supply chain security solutions to best fit our client’s operations. From import/export, CTPAT, to supply chain security needs across the globe, we are well qualified to meet any challenges that lie ahead.


我们承认企业在保护其品牌的同时保护其产品和资产的重要性。 MGI 有能力提供各种供应链安全解决方案,以最适合我们客户的运营。从进出口、CTPAT 到全球供应链安全需求,我们完全有能力应对未来的任何挑战。

Risk Management

MGI is accomplished in managing risk, strategic planning, comprehensive assessments and implementing security mitigation measures in order to address numerous vulnerabilities. We have the experience to effectively address the risk landscape that can affect corporations across the globe. From Crisis Management, Active Shooter and Workplace Violence to Investigations and Due Diligence, we can support and secure your business.


MGI 在管理风险、战略规划、综合评估和实施安全缓解措施以解决众多漏洞方面取得了成就。我们拥有有效应对可能影响全球企业的风险环境的经验。从危机管理、现场行凶枪手和工作场所暴力到调查和尽职调查,我们可以支持和保护您的业务。

Training & Planning

Whether you need help creating standard operating procedures or developing physical and technical security strategies and plans, our security team has the capability to meet your needs. We deliver comprehensive training packages customized to each client. Our seasoned team of instructors specialize in a variety of security disciplines.