Government Contracting

Across the globe, we partner with local and foreign governments to support their needs to deliver an exceptional level of service and continued support for the success of the mission.

We offer comprehensive security planning for large scale country-wide operations. Whether we are securing critical infrastructure and assets, government facilities, or providing assessments and planning for border and maritime security, MGI is well equipped to handle complex projects, and emerging threats to implementing the latest technology, security measures and procedures for a successful outcome.

Gain Comprehensive Protection & Peace of Mind with Our International Security and Supply Chain Services

Over the past several years, our work with foreign and local governments has been rewarding and challenging. With our help, MGI can assist governments by determining best practices and actions to take when it comes to security. By first completing a comprehensive risk assessment, we can uncover vulnerabilities in a country’s infrastructure, border and maritime security, and develop recommendations to correct and improve these issues. As external threats increase and change tactics, your security operational plan must adapt to meet these challenges. We believe that by performing periodic reviews, continuous training, and keeping abreast of current and past trends, we can confront these threats and develop preventive strategies.

Merletti Gonzales International has built valuable relationships with foreign governments, military, law enforcement and corporate security communities through strong partnerships and support programs. In the Middle East, we were instrumental in implementing an asset protection force whose main responsibility was safeguarding the country’s oil and gas assets. Today, that force remains a security force multiplier for the country. Additionally, MGI is well positioned to training host nation forces such as the national guard, executive protection agents for ministers and government officials, and develop high level training programs.

Additionally, we are knowledgeable about International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS). Our team has been involved in international maritime security for the past two decades. We understand these safety and security measures and how to apply them towards your port facility, shipping assets and personnel. We have secured major oil and gas facilities, pipelines, and port terminals.

MGI is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services, and most cost effective solutions to ensure the success of the mission. We are seasoned veterans within the industry and well respected in the international community.