Oil & Gas

Supporting the Industry Across the Globe

Merletti Gonzales International has extensive oil and gas experience overseas establishing security for foreign offices, operations in the field and remote areas. We are well versed in designing and executing security plans for facilities, pipelines and maritime operations. To include customized crisis management and security planning. Our wide-reaching network spans the globe, supporting our mission.

When it comes to the safety and security of Oil and Gas facilities, the list of potential threats is extensive. It is paramount that you put the trust of your organization in a team who has vast experience in securing oil and gas facilities worldwide. Merletti Gonzales International has successfully designed and executed security plans for pipelines, maritime operations and significant oil and gas facilities. We have implemented these strategies worldwide in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America and West Africa. Our project team is made up of seasoned security professionals who have held positions as Senior Security Executives, International Security Directors and Country Security Managers for major oil and gas companies. The team at MG has dealt with a variety of scenarios, including, terrorist and criminal attacks, civil unrest, insider threats, kidnappings, acts of sabotage and regional threats from foreign governments, insurgents and militias.

Gain Comprehensive Protection & Peace of Mind, With Our International Security and Supply Chain Services

In addition to the experience of the MG team, our company is knowledgeable in International Ships and Port Facility Security (ISPS) and many of our associates, including Ralph Gonzales, our CEO, were active members of the Oil and Gas Companies of the Middle East (OCME) Security Group. This council consists of major corporate oil and gas security executives who share intelligence, contacts, and security strategies with a mission of prevention, planning and enhancing their respective company’s security capabilities.  

Mr. Gonzales was also instrumental in assisting with the development of an Oil Police Force (OPF) while in Iraq-Kurdistan; whose main duties are to safeguard and protect the region’s oil and gas assets and personnel. Mr. Gonzales worked alongside the Kurdistan Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Natural Resources to achieve a successful outcome. The OPF remains a force multiplier for the country to this day.

In line with our services, we can assist with risk and vulnerability assessments, crisis management and emergency preparedness planning, intelligence gathering, liaison with law enforcement and government, logistics and travel management, and full-scale security planning and design for facilities.