Risk Management

Merletti Gonzales International is well-versed in managing risk, strategic planning, assessments and implementing security mitigation measures in order to address numerous vulnerabilities. We have the experience to effectively address the risk landscape that can affect corporations across the globe. From Crisis Management and Active Shooter training to Workplace Violence, we can support and enhance your business. 

MG can conduct risk and vulnerability assessments for corporations, commercial and government facilities in both foreign and domestic environments. We perform country security assessments for businesses operating internationally. We take into consideration a wide range of topics from past and potential criminal and terrorist activity, and regional threats to environmental and operational challenges.

Gain Comprehensive Protection & Peace of Mind.


Merletti Gonzales International will undertake a gap analysis of the client’s existing operations, review previous assessments and determine if any gaps exist in their operational planning. Also, we provide corporate due diligence for company mergers and acquisitions, investigations and fraud detection. 

Additionally, we will perform a comprehensive risk assessment of your current operations’ security protocols to include crisis management, emergency preparedness, workplace violence, active shooter, behavioral threat management and standard operating procedures. 

A full risk management program for your company would consist of the following:

  1. Initial planning and research 
  2. Risk and vulnerability assessment
  3. Review of findings and recommendations
  4. Implementation and program development
  5. Planning and training
  6. Regular audits and continued support