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In today’s challenging world, designing and implementing a robust security plan is complex and requires constant oversight.  As risk levels and threats change, your security plan must evolve to meet potential emerging dangers and hazards that can impede operations.  Our experienced team has planned security for the most challenging venues such as port facilities (ISPS certified), sporting and political events, and operations located in hostile countries.  Whether you need assistance in formulating standard operating procedures, briefings and training for personnel or guard force, designing the security and access control infrastructure and technical landscape, or logistics and travel management, our security team has the capability to meet your needs.

Security Planning should be based on intelligence and potential threats and identified vulnerabilities. Security systems and infrastructure must be built into the design of new facilities as this is the most cost effective and efficient method of incorporating physical security measures.

MG assessments use the well-documented U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) approved methodology “Qualitative Risk Assessment through Risk Scenario Analysis.” It is typically divided into two major actions: an initial risk calculation based on the pairing of threats and assets, and a risk re-calculation based on the effect of countermeasure recommendations. Our assessments use Risk Scenario Analysis and the Risk Matrix with a structured, multi-disciplined, team-based approach.

The emphasis of security planning in today’s world of domestic and international threats is a crucial need for businesses, facilities, and the maritime industry. Failing to design and implement appropriate security planning for your executives, employees or industry potentially increases risks and threats to safety of individuals and assets. Merletti Gonzales personnel have extensive experience in all aspects of security planning.

01. Security Facilities Planning

The Department of Homeland Security addresses facilities security planning in its 2015 Interagency Security Committee Guide, indicating that an effective security plan is a “critical” part of any security program. Security planning for facilities includes understanding events or situations or personnel that could possibly pose a threat to information, facilities, operations or personnel.

Special Events security planning involves training that helps organizers and planners provide appropriate security personnel and plans, as well as technology that addresses the particular security needs of the event. This includes security planning for political and other large events. Merletti Gonzales has experience planning security for entities as large as the NFL and Unites States political rallies and events.

02. International Ship and Port Facility Planning

The threats to the Maritime Industry require extensive security planning that minimizes risk and maximizes security. The Marine Link reveals multiple reports of threats and events affecting personnel and businesses on the high seas.

Security planning techniques requires training specifically for this International Ship and Port Facility Security field and the personnel that work in the Maritime industry. Security planning must include planning and appropriate response to potential terrorist threats.

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