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Our co-founder, Lew Merletti, achieved extensive experience in executive protection and training during his distinguished United States Secret Service career.  Prior to becoming the Director, Lew served as Assistant Director of Training and Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) of the Secret Service Training Center in Beltsville, Maryland. Our team of expert instructors have given training to numerous law enforcement and military agencies and are hand-picked due to their extensive background and skill set. Our instruction is catered to be relevant to any type of client.

Merletti Gonzales can deliver comprehensive training packages tailored to the requirements of the individual client and delivered at the location of the customer’s choice. MG has a diverse team of instructors whose specialties cover active shooter, executive protection, crisis management, and corporate security training, and more.

Effective security training curriculum includes assessing the vulnerability of individual clients, the workplace and curriculum that effectively provides customizable training. There is no one-size-fits-all training for modern-day security as threats evolve and become present in various situations and locations. This is particularly true of an active shooter or workplace violence situation.

The U.S. Interagency Security Committee lists several elements that comprise preparedness efforts for an active shooter situation. Discover the crucial importance of professional training that includes elements that apply to your agency, educational facility, or business.

01. Active Shooter

Our detailed training curriculum involves best practices being taught today to corporations and institutions across the country. Participants will be trained on how to initially respond as well as how to mentally prepare oneself to deal with this type of situation should it occur. A classroom briefing, and practical exercises can be conducted to provide the most value to the client.

 In addition, our team can also provide assistance in performing a vulnerabilities assessment to determine if current policies, procedures and security measures in place are sufficient in preventing and responding to an active shooter incident. We can also provide best practices on crisis management, identifying and reporting potential hazards before they occur.

02. Executive Protection

Executive Protection encompasses many facets of the over-all security element.  A critical component of Executive Protection is the advance work which includes gathering intelligence. The “behind the scenes” advance work is paramount to supporting the mission.

Merletti Gonzales brings years of United States Secret Service protection, knowledge and experience to our clients. We recommend a holistic and tailored approach for the Executive Protection curriculum that will serve the needs of our clients.  This degree of protection philosophy and training is essential for each agent to represent themselves at the highest level.    Our customized training package can be taught at the basic, intermediate or advanced levels.

03. Crisis Management

Leadership for a government, a corporation, or a community is viewed most acutely by the forethought and management of crisis situations involving that entity.  A crisis will mark each leader personally, and it will mark the organization as a whole.

A Crisis Management Team should be trained and mentally prepared to provide an initial response and initiate procedures that will reduce loss of life, physical injury, and loss of property. This type of training should be conducted a regular basis. Merletti Gonzales delivers a high level of training on crisis management and our qualified instructors have a wide range of experience at the corporate, local and government levels.


04. Corporate Security

Merletti Gonzales can provide training for your security team to enable them to thoroughly and expertly conduct assessments and investigations; furthermore, we can provide active shooter, crisis management, and executive protection training. Any of these courses, including the option of a general security manager’s course, will be geared specifically to your corporate needs.

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