Being well informed of both current and historical events is a challenging task due to the overwhelming amount of information available in today’s fast paced world. Merletti Gonzales can help by providing relevant intelligence briefings to our clients operating in foreign locations where there is an elevated level of risk, such as terrorist activity or political uncertainty. Obtaining up to date intelligence and analyses of current situations and potential risks is key in averting a crisis or negative impact to a corporation.


Our highly skilled professionals are experts in the field of personal protection security, advance logistics and preparations. Whether you require executive protection for company executives, family members, celebrities, or for travel to a particular country with elevated risk levels, our security team is ready to deploy.


Our team of professionals is well versed in conducting security assessments for residential and commercial facilities in both foreign and domestic environments. In addition, we perform country security assessments for businesses operating internationally. We cover a wide range of issues from past or potential threats such as criminal activity, terrorist, geo-political, and emergency preparedness planning. 


In today’s rapidly changing environment, crisis management is paramount. With multiple layers involved from identifying potential risks and responses, establishing roles and responsibilities, effective communications, to logistics and evacuation options, suitable planning is vital to a company’s success.


In today’s challenging world, designing and implementing a robust security plan is complex and requires constant oversight. As risk levels and threats change, your security plan must evolve to meet potential emerging dangers and hazards that can impede operations.


As former United States Secret Service (USSS) agents, our founders began their prominent careers performing polygraph examinations and investigations as part of their USSS mission.


Our co-founder, Lew Merletti, achieved extensive experience in executive protection and training during his distinguished United States Secret Service career. Prior to becoming the Director, Lew served as Assistant Director of Training and Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) of the Secret Service Training Center in Beltsville, Maryland.


At Merletti Gonzales (MG) we acknowledge how imperative it is to both large and small corporations to have efficiency and flexibility when it comes to your supply chain and logistical needs. MG has partnered with the leading logistics companies that offer world-class supply chain and transportation services across the United States and beyond. 

Merletti Gonzales & Associates
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