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Merletti Gonzales International is a certified U.S. veteran-owned business. Lew Merletti and Ralph Gonzales have over 46 years of combined experience in the United States Secret Service, which has included protecting four sitting presidents, former presidents and their family members, heads of state, and foreign dignitaries. In addition we have 52 years of experience inclusive of military service and law enforcement, along with security involving corporate business, oil and gas operations, and professional sports and entertainment industries. We also have an extensive network of high-level contacts and sources.

What We Do​

Oil & Gas

Merletti Gonzales International has extensive oil and gas experience overseas establishing security for foreign offices, operations in the field and remote areas. We are well versed in designing and executing security plans for facilities, pipelines and maritime operations. To include customized crisis management and security planning. Our wide-reaching network spans the globe, supporting our mission.

Government Contracting

From domestic to international, we partner with local and foreign governments to support their needs to deliver an exceptional level of service and continued support for the success of the mission. We offer comprehensive security planning for large scale country-wide operations, securing critical infrastructure and assets, government facilities, or providing assessments and planning for border and maritime security.

Corporate & Entertainment

Merletti Gonzales International offers a wide range of services from facility security planning to crisis management and executive protection. We can augment your existing security department or provide a customized turn key solution, both with ongoing support. Our services provide value to the security of your organization and will enhance your company’s capabilities and success.

Supply Chain & Logistics

We acknowledge how imperative it is for corporations to have efficiency and flexibility when it comes to your supply chain, logistical and security needs. From import/export, CTPAT, supply chain security to logistics and more, we are well qualified to meet the needs of our clients. Additionally, we offer Supply Chain Security to ensure the protection of your company’s assets and products.

Risk Management

Merletti Gonzales International is well-versed in conducting risk and vulnerability assessments for facilities in both foreign and domestic environments. We perform country security assessments for businesses operating internationally. We take into consideration a wide range of topics from past and potential criminal and terrorist activity to international relations.

Training & Planning

Whether you need help creating standard operating procedures or developing physical and technical security strategies and plans, our security team has the capability to meet your needs. We deliver comprehensive training packages customized to each client. Our diverse team of instructors specialize in a variety of security disciplines.

“Our Strategic Partnerships Add to Our Mission of Providing an Exceptional Level of Service, Attention to Detail, and Dependability that Exceeds Client Expectations.”

Lew Merletti, Director, U.S. Secret Service (Retired)


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Frequently Asked Questions


What sets MGI apart from other supply chain and logistics companies?

We personally manage and oversee all aspects of the supply chain. We want to ensure that we deliver when it counts.


How is your supply chain and logistics service competitive and why should a potential client consider using MGI as their transportation provider?

We work with a select group of vetted and reliable transportation companies that offer aggressive pricing. At MGI, we understand the need for attention to detail, customize our approach and strategy to ensure our clients our successful when they choose us.


What are your core security capabilities domestically and internationally?

With our multi-faceted approach, we are well versed in building a security operation from the ground up and we are capable of restructuring it to meet the current requirements and threats we face not only today but in the future.


Are you a supply chain/logistics broker?

No, we have trusted and dedicated partnerships with asset-based distribution networks.


Do you have security assets overseas?

Yes, we have a vast and diverse team across the globe to meet the challenges and needs of our clients. Wherever your journey takes you, MGI is here to deliver when it counts.


What type of training do you offer?

For supply chain and transportation companies, we offer CTPAT, Compliance, and Security Awareness Training. We also offer a range of security training services from Active Shooter to Crisis Management.

Middle East Regional Instability​


Middle East Regional Instability


Crisis Management and Business Continuity

Crisis Management And Business Continuity​
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