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Our highly skilled professionals are experts in the field of personal protection security, advance logistics and preparations. Whether you require executive protection for company executives, family members, celebrities, or for travel to a particular country with elevated risk levels, our security team is ready to deploy. Our extensive network of contacts and assets around the globe allows us to operate in dynamic environments.

Attention to detail while planning and conducting executive protection is paramount to providing a safe and secure environment.  This is accomplished through trip and site advances, intelligence gathering, liaison with local law enforcement, event planners and much more.  Merletti Gonzales have a wealth of experience in Executive Protection throughout the world, protecting the highest levels of government officials and corporate executives.  Highly trained, motivated and professional, many of our associates have served on security details for U.S. sitting and former Presidents and Vice-Presidents, political candidates and other U.S. Government officials as well as visiting Foreign Heads of State and Governments.

01. Senior Officers and Executives

Our co-founders extensive history protecting our U.S. presidents is the foundation to our Secret Service approach for all of our executive protection clients. Our associates who live and work around the world are veterans in the business of protection—from former U.S Secret Service, to military and law enforcement, all are vetted and respected experts in the field. Merletti Gonzales is here to provide the most comprehensive security coordination for your business and personal protection needs.

02. Special Events Executive Protection

Merletti Gonzales is well versed in the procedures required to protect VIPs at sporting events, political rallies and other events with many attendees. Reconnaissance of venues and associated routes will be carried out in advance of attendance and comprehensive security and emergency planning will be conducted and coordinated with local law enforcement and security and emergency assets.

Special events planning and training allows for maximizing protection and minimizing risks to executives, personnel and individuals attending special events, whether an entertainment event, political event or community event.

03. Client Family Protection

Protecting executives at home and abroad requires more than a simple security detail for a day, a special event, or political rally. In the area of family protection, executive protection specialists have specific training and expertise to assess risks, discover vulnerabilities and gaps in security to minimize and respond appropriately to any potential threats.

The knowledge of executive protection specialists comes from extensive relevant training of providing protection for senior officials and other executives on both a short-term and long-term basis, at residences, specific sites and while traveling. Protection of the families of executives is another aspect of executive protection services and training. This must be handled with sensitivity and tact as our experienced and professional operatives understand.

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